Employment Law

In advising clients in employment law, we recognize that effective representation requires careful statutory and regulatory analysis, knowledge of any current legislative or judicial developments, and the resources and ability to defend when necessary. Our experience in this area includes litigating wage disputes, defense of management and employers in discrimination cases, ERISA litigation, matters involving HIPAA, COBRA, and USERRA, as well as disability and retaliation claims. Our attorneys are also familiar with customizing employment plans, minimizing risks in hiring, firing, and disciplining employees, and defense of employee benefit claims.

The best way to prevent litigation is to act before a claim arises. To this end, Atkinson Brittingham consults with employers and management personnel in the development of policies and programs to prevent misunderstandings between management and employees. While many issues in this field require technical knowledge or daunting compliance requirements, our experience allows us to advise each client in a comprehensible manner. In addition, we tailor our services to meet each specific client’s needs in certain matters such as insurance benefits, executive compensation, implied employment contracts, covenants not to compete, and notification requirements for mass layoffs and plant closings.

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